Mansion Hill Bridal is adorable and down right FUN!

February 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Last weekend I had the pleasure of stopping by this adorable little boutique to take some photos. If you are looking for a dress and want a guaranteed good time you need to make an appointment with these ladies. 


This boutique provides stunning dresses, price range options, jewelry, garters, and an overall amazing experience! Owner, Claire Canter and her team are total gems. They care about what style and vibes you want for your wedding day.


Bri Perry with Bridal Braids By Bri was there as well doing her thing - it was called a "Braid Bar" so clever and fun - all the brides that came in loved it. She is amazing at what she does. She has a shining personality and is just an all around good gal!

Mansion Hill Bridal



Instagram: @mansionhillbridal


Bridal Braids by Bri



Instagram: @Bridalbraidsbybri


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