My name is Courtney and I am 110% passionate about documenting love. I've always loved photography even as a kid and now I get to do it as a career. My family is my foundation and the reason I work so hard to provide a top notch service to other people. My style is very moody, romantic, and down right fun. Me and my team are all about the family feel, and making sure your event is fun, light hearted, and smooth. We emotionally invest in our work, and the people who choose us to document their life.



We like to shoot in a documentary style, with very few posed photos. We get down and dirty if we need to. Meaning we will absolutely get on the ground, or in the water to capture the moment. There is no fear of snakes, bugs, or getting scratched by bushes. If we aren't a little haggard at the end of a wedding day we didn't do our jobs!



For you to trust us, lean on us, and share with us. 

To spread love, and positivity through memories!



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