Jess & Kevin 10-10-20 Wedding

November 05, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Finally able to get a proper preview up of this amazing couples wedding. I can't thank them enough for choosing us to document their big day. I've known Jess since high school - I actually did her senior photos. Watching her grow into the wonderful woman she is has been an honor. Meeting and getting to know Kevin has been so great. It's so clear that theses two are perfect for each other.

It's been a wild ride this year but they did it. They had the most beautiful wedding on 10-10-20 and they got to share it with their closest friends and family. They made the best of this pandemic. Congrats you two!



Venue: Canal 337 

Flowers: One of a kind Events

DJ: DJ connection

Cake: Blooms and Batter

Invites/Signs: Creative in Bloom

Dress: The Wedding Studio (Greenwood)

Dress Alterations: Sue Alterations



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