Brooke & Eric Beach wedding!!

December 23, 2020  •  1 Comment

Looking back on this year we all know it's been tough. Brooke and Eric had this huge wedding planned in Cincinnati, but covid changed their plans. I met Brooke at a bridal show last year and her energy and light was so radiant. Every time we talked it was a breath of fresh air. She kept her head up and hope high when she knew they had to change their wedding day plans. So they moved their wedding to a more remote location and invited their family to join them. After a couple weeks of talking about what they were going to do about a photographer I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to be the one to document this for them. So we packed up and drove to FL. I'm so happy and blessed we were able to share this day with them. 


Brooke had a zoom call with all her bridesmaids who couldn't make it. These two really wanted all their friends to be there so they did what they could and live streamed their wedding! It was really amazing. The light was perfect at every moment. There was so much love. Thank you guys for letting us document this day for you. Enjoy this preview. 






PS: Shout out to Serene Occasions for helping these bring this day together. 

(If you want to get married on the beach do it and also hire them to help!!)


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Dave Wootten(non-registered)
Fantastic wedding. Fantastic photos. Wonderful couple and nice family and friends. Perfect time
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