Erica & Adam get cozy!

May 14, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I always have a blast with these two. It was kind of a gloomy day yesterday but these images tell a different story. Erica and Adam are amazing. This session was romantic and cozy! I'm so thankful to have these two in my life. 




E&A-1E&A-1 E&A-2E&A-2 E&A-3E&A-3 E&A-4E&A-4 E&A-5E&A-5 E&A-14E&A-14 E&A-6E&A-6 E&A-7E&A-7 E&A-8E&A-8 E&A-9E&A-9 E&A-10E&A-10 E&A-11E&A-11 E&A-12E&A-12 E&A-15E&A-15 E&A-16E&A-16 E&A-13E&A-13


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