Leanna & Anthony Engagement with all the smiles!

May 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Leanna and Anthony meet at church so we kicked our session off there. I love when couples want to incorporate places that are special to them. So excited to be a part of their journey. Here are some heart warming photos from our session together. 


Courtney  P&B-1P&B-1 P&B-1-2P&B-1-2 P&B-1-3P&B-1-3 P&B-1-4P&B-1-4 P&B-1-5P&B-1-5 P&B-1-6P&B-1-6 P&B-1-7P&B-1-7 P&B-1-8P&B-1-8 P&B-1-9P&B-1-9 P&B-1-10P&B-1-10 P&B-1-11P&B-1-11 P&B-1-12P&B-1-12 P&B-1-13P&B-1-13 P&B-1-14P&B-1-14 P&B-1-15P&B-1-15 P&B-1-16P&B-1-16 P&B-1-18P&B-1-18 P&B-1-19P&B-1-19 P&B-1-17P&B-1-17


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