Leanna & Anthony Wedding Day

September 05, 2020  •  1 Comment

Leanna and Anthony have this love that shines through every photo. They had a perfect wedding day with the light even shining through on their cake cutting. I can't wait to see these two grow. Meeting this whole family has been such a blessing. There aren't enough words to tell this love story. So here are some photos from their wedding day. 





Venue: Lake Lyndsay 

Flowers: The Marmalade Lily 

Second Shooter: Claire Kohlman <3


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Shelley Russell(non-registered)
Courtney and her team were wonderful! We love the pictures! They photographed both of my daughter's engagements & weddings in 2020 and did a fabulous job. The depth of the photography and the tender moments captured are priceless! I highly recommend Courtney, she is attentive to detail and stays connected throughout the entire process. She quickly responds to any questions and is very helpful. The 6 minute highlight video captures the day perfectly! We are very thankful that we chose Courtney to be the wedding photographer!
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