Shy & Seth's Perfect day!

September 19, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Where to start with these two. Talk about another perfect couple for 2020. Shy & Seth are amazing I could go on and on about how much I've enjoyed getting to know them. Shy has kept me in the loop from when she bought her gorgeous dress to the flowers she made for their wedding. They are both just the sweetest, nicest, and kindest people. I have so much love for these two. It was such an honor being a part of their big day. Here's just a gimps of how amazing it was.



MocCoy's at Poplar Flats for having such a beautiful space for couples to get married.

Kamryn Craft - Such an amazing job on Shy and the girls hair!

My second shooter Clair for catching the moment between Seth and his Brother Steven (Who also had some great photo ideas for us).


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