Travis & Angelina Get Married!!!!

February 08, 2021  •  1 Comment

Here it is my friends - the blog posts I have been wanting to write since I found out I would be the one to document this couples wedding day. Travis and Angelina are soulmates. They are the light in each others day and everyone else day. Travis has always been like a brother to me and when I met Ang I knew she would quickly become like a sister. I am so blessed to have these guys in my life and to have been able to share this day with them.

The wedding had to be much smaller due to the pandemic, but I can honestly say it felt whole. The room never felt small because the amount of love that was flowing through the day what unbelievable. From the lighting to willingness of their bridal party going out into the cold to take photos it was perfect. Everyone spoke with such grace in their speeches. I cried when Brock the best man gave his speech not only because it was beautiful but it was real.

The day couldn't have been more perfect. Though everyone who couldn't be there was surely missed it was about Travis and Ang. Every minute and every moment was absolutely amazing. I love you guys so much - I hope you enjoy this preview! 






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Alba Nowlin(non-registered)
My favorite are the outdoor pictures. I appreciate the movement and tone. Well done!
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