Cat & Justin are classic

October 19, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Cat & Justin are some of my favorite people. I love that they let us be part of their wedding! Their style is very classic, and the wedding was perfect. I'm a little obsessed with these photos, and the over all feel of the day! So happy for these guys!

C&J001C&J001 C&J002C&J002 C&J004C&J004 C&J003C&J003 C&J005C&J005 C&J006C&J006 C&J007C&J007 C&J010C&J010 C&J011C&J011


C&J021C&J021 C&J022C&J022

C&J009C&J009 C&J008C&J008 C&J013C&J013 C&J015C&J015 C&J016C&J016 C&J017C&J017 C&J018C&J018 C&J023C&J023 C&J019C&J019 C&J025C&J025 C&J027C&J027 C&J026C&J026 C&J024C&J024 C&J028C&J028 C&J029C&J029 C&J031C&J031 C&J032C&J032 C&J030C&J030 C&J033C&J033 C&J035C&J035 C&J037C&J037 C&J036C&J036 C&J034C&J034


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