Melissa & Brandon Wedding Day

October 27, 2019  •  4 Comments

So excited to share some of the images from yesterday. The weather wasn't ideal, but we had an amazing bride, and groom who make yesterday so easy. Melissa's MOH couldn't make it to the wedding so we found a fix. We owned yesterdays weather with the dreamy hallway photos, and some umbrella photos! Melissa, made all the decorations her self with the help of her mother, and sister. Everything was down right beautiful. 

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Jim and Lee Lesneski(non-registered)
What a beautiful couple and family. My favorite pictures are of you in the rain! Best wishes to you both in your new life adventure❤️
Naomi & Joe Reardon(non-registered)
Congratulations Melissa and Brandon. So happy for you both. May your love be strong enough to whether all storms, gentle enough to be a safe place to fall, patient enough to appreciate your differences and grateful enough to alway thank each other for everything each of you do and know that life is lessons and forgiveness. Always put each other before you put yourself and you both will always be filled with love.
Brenda Cooper(non-registered)
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Melissa you are a beautiful bride and your husband is so handsome. May your wedded bliss continue throughout the rest of your lives. CONGRATULATIONS and GOD BLESS YOU.
Kathy Gausman(non-registered)
Congratulations. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing your special day pics.
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