Lindsay & Mark get cozy downtown Cinci

March 08, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

These two right here are amazing. They were my last session before the state decided to shut down. I won't make this about Covid19 because its about these two wonderful people below. I met Lindsay at a bridal show back in January and I knew we were destined to work together. We hit it off right away and I was beyond thrilled when she booked with us. When I met Mark the morning of this session I knew him and Lindsay were perfect for each other. We joked, laughed, walked around the city, and shared our love for Wes Anderson films together. I will say is again these guys are amazing.

Lindsay is an ER nurse. I think about her all the time in this time. She is a hero of mine she is fighting COVID19 on the front lines. I just want to shout out that I am proud to be her photographer! 



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